Nerd Block Kicks Off Summer with Vinylpalooza


With all of our favorite characters from comics to games and films being immortalized in adorable vinyl, it’s a great time for discerning Nerds looking to decorate their space. From the home to the office, vinyl spins on pop culture icons have taken over.

Coming to the aid of Nerds everywhere, Nerd Block is looking to help us all catch up on our collections with their recently announced Vinylpalooza sale.

Sounds like a party, but what exactly is Vinypalooza?

Nerd Block is offering a limited one-time block featuring 4 vinyl figures curated from previous block releases, with a guaranteed Funko POP! for just $19.99 (plus shipping).

While Nerd Block has limited this promotion to 5000 blocks, buzz has it that 50 of those will be special Golden Ticket editions, featuring only Funko POP! vinyls. Sounds like a great opportunity to score a deal and feed your collection!

The sale opens on Monday, June 29th and runs through to July, 5th – or while supplies last.

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