Happy Pikachus Bother a Sleeping Snorlax in an Adorable New Game


You know how it is in the summer. It’s hot. The sun is shining. You go out to the hammock in the backyard with a cold drink, a tube of sunscreen, and a glossy magazine, and just when you’re about to lie down and take a nap, a dozen Pikachus come out of nowhere and knock you right out of the hammock.

Like I said, you know how it is in summer.

Or at least, that’s how it is in an adorable new game coming out this month in Japan (via Tiny Cartridge). The toy set comes with two trees, a Snorlax in a hammock, and a handful of stackable Pickachus, and players take turns balancing those Pikachus on top of Snorlax’s ample belly. The game ends when they all come tumbling down and the player that caused the tumble loses. It all looks a bit like a cross between Jenga and Pass the Pigs, except with the added marketing boost that comes from Nintendo licensing.

The game is probably fun to play with kids, but it seems like it will have more lasting appeal as a shelf decoration than a form of recreation. The Pikachus and the lazy Snorlax are just too damn adorable and any attempts to upset that balance would be a terminal abuse of cuteness. Sure, watching a Snorlax and a bunch of Pikachus tumble out of a hammock would be pretty cute in its own right, but it’s a fleeting thrill and it’s not quite as cute as the sight of a herd of happy Pikachus lost in dreamy slumber while dozing on top of a sleeping, snoring Snorlax.

I mean, that Snorlax seems really comfortable. Why can’t those pesky Pikachus just leave him alone for twenty minutes?

Sadly, the game seems like it will only be available in Japan (at least for now), though it is the sort of thing that would sell just fine on this side of the Pacific Ocean so maybe it will show up at your local Toys R’ Us before too long. I’d rather have one of these than a Pikachu Amiibo, so here’s hoping that the Pikachu and Snorlax play set will be a bit easier to find.

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