Zoom will be on FLASH Season 2! But who is he?

Zoom Vs Flash

During season 1 of Flash, our hero was stalked by the mysterious Reverse-Flash. In fact, it seemed the Reverse-Flash had been trying to kill him since he was a child. After several encounters, the two had what seemed to be their final confrontation. But during SDCC 2015, it was revealed that the character Zoom will appear in season 2, a similarly garbed villain who’s actually “faster than the Flash.” But who is he? What’s the story behind his comic book counterpart?

Garrick Reverse Flash Rival

The Flashes have a history of fighting evil speedsters. In the 1940s, Jay Garrick (the original Flash during the Golden Age of comics) fought Edward Clariss AKA Rival, a scientist who copied his abilities and wore a black version of his costume. Many years later, villains made an evil robot duplicate of Jay that they called the Golden Age Reverse-Flash.

Decades after Jay’s retirement, Barry Allen met Eobard Thawne, a villain born in the 25th century and the first character called Reverse-Flash. Thawne was also nicknamed “Professor Zoom.” You saw a version of Eobard Thawne in season 1.

Long after he and Barry were gone, Wally West became the third Flash. After some growing pains, he established himself as a formidable and professional hero, one with a public identity who worked openly with the police. Later on, he met a profiler named Hunter Zolomon, a man haunted by his past. When he was ready to head to college, Hunter Zolomon came home to discover that his father was a serial killer and had murdered his mother (similar to the origin Barry Allen got later where his father was FALSELY accused of killing his mother).

Zolomon Zoom Unmasked

This led Zolomon to become an FBI profiler, one who specialized in super-villains. During a raid, he incorrectly concluded that the villain wouldn’t have a weapon. As a result, his leg was permanently damaged and his father-in-law was killed. His marriage dissolved afterward and the FBI let him go.

Zolomon got a new job at Keystone City PD and helped Wally West on a number of cases, but then wound up with paralyzing injuries due to the villainous gorilla called Grodd. He demanded that Wally travel back in time and prevent his injuries, but the Flash told him this isn’t what he did. Time travel was dangerous and should not be used to simply fix any problem that came into their lives.

Hunter Zolomon Zoom Speed


Zolomon decided that Wally couldn’t understand his pain because he himself hadn’t suffered enough setback and tragedy in his life. Zolomon attempted to use the Flash’s time machine himself only to have it blow up in his face. To his surprise, it empowered him with time-warping tachyons. His perception altered by his new power, Zolomon took on the name “Zoom” and dedicated himself to bringing tragedy into Wally’s life in order to make him a better hero. Twisted, right?

Will it be Zolomon in the TV show? Will it be a totally different version of the character? We’ll have to see what Flash season 2 brings us!

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