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Attack on Titan is Overrated, but the Movie Could Fix the Show’s Biggest Problems


If fan art and cosplay choices are anything to go by, Attack on Titan is currently the biggest thing happening in anime. The show has become ubiquitous, and it’s about to become even more so now that the trailer for the live action adaptation has an English dub.

If the movie is any good at all, it will still be much, much better than the TV show.

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Bartkira is the Strangest Mash-up Trailer You Didn’t Know You Wanted


I know it’s been a while since I last watched Akira, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t the anime I remember.

Because sometimes the Internet is just plain weird, there’s now a trailer for Bartkira, the mash-up of Akira and The Simpsons that looks exactly how you think it would. The new trailer is a (roughly) shot-for-shot remake of the trailer for the 1988 classic, set in Neo-Springfield instead of Neo-Tokyo and with Simpsons characters swapped in for all the key players from the manga. Bart is Kaneda. Principal Skinner is Colonel Shikishima. And Millhouse is Tetsuo, because of course Millhouse is Tetsuo.

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Nerdy Collections: My Dragon Ball Z/GT action figures

farshotLike a bird relentlessly on the hunt for twigs to add to her nest, we nerds are constantly on the lookout for items to add to our nerdy collections.

Some of us collect video games, others comics, and some even collect hair samples of all the men to play the titular Doctor Who (I made that last one up, but you just know someone out there is doing this). Me personally? I collect Dragon Ball Z/GT action figures. Well I used to at least. What you see you in the above picture is what remains of my once glorious collection.

Read on as I interview myself about my collection.

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5 Great Romantic Anime Series


While other kids in high school were out partying and getting into trouble, my friends and I were watching anime. Yes, we were those kids.

At age 30, I still love watching anime and my go-to seems to be the romantic series’ or ones that have it as a strong plot device. Keep reading to learn about five of my favorite romantic anime series in no particular order.

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